Thursday, February 4, 2010

Prawning At The Old Singapore Badminton Hall

My family and I are kinda addicted to prawning since we first started it some 2 years back at the Bottle Tree Park. This time after hearing it from the news that the old Singapore Badminton Hall was converted to a prawning area, we decided to give it a try last year 2009, Nov.

We reached there around 11am and the place was pretty vacant probably it was a weekday. Parking was not free but by the hour, and lucky it was shelthered parking. You can click here for the map if you are not sure where.

Don't understand why they called the place "Geylang Prawn Fishing Restaurant and Beer Garden"? Why not use "Guillemard" instead of "Geylang"?

As it was our second try on prawning, we were definitely not experience at all. We rented two rods to be shared among the four of us, but usually my son and daughter will hold on to the rod most of the time.
There were quite a numbe of cement ponds but there were lots of small little fries too. Sad to say one may got tripped by the wooden plank floor if not careful.

The other side of the hall was the children playground but not open yet;
After about half an hour, we finally got our first catch;

The water in the pond was not darken and you can see the prawn clearly at the side. These I believed were fresh water prawns and have to watch out for the pincers;

Despite the China lady was pouring pails of prawns into the ponds after an hour of our prawning, our catch rate were still low.

We took turns to have our lunch at the food court at the next building;

After about 3 hours of prawning, we decided to call it a day. Our catch was very little, only less than 20! The China lady was very kind to give us a packet of frozen prawns to probably encourage us to do better next time.


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