Thursday, June 14, 2012

11 Days Korea Trip 2011 Free n Easy - Day 10, Seoul

10 Dec 2011 (Sat)

Seoul / COEX

We had breakfast at one of the eateries across the main road from Migliore near Myeongdong Station;

Coex Mall (코엑스) 

We took Line 2 and alighted at Samseong Station (some map said Samsung Station, which is the same), Exit 5 or 6 as they were connected to the COEX Mall.
The entrance / exit to the COEX Mall;
The cleaner and her "bike";
Don't know what's the long queue for at The Body Shop;
As you could see from the map, the COEX Aquarium was all the way right in;
Even beetles they had it here;
Aquarium in vending machine;
And many other types of aquariums;
What's she looking at;
We didn't know there was a show in this aquarium, luckily we were not late;
Though we have seen similar shows before in other countries, this one was good;
Another view of the show;
now in fast forward;

Something eerie looking;
Looks like the one in Sentosa;
I don't quite understand this signboard;
Had our lunch at the food court in COEX, very crowded;
Leaving COEX;

Itaewon  (이태원)

We decided to take the subway on Line 6 to Itaewon Station, Exit 1;
The place looked rather Western or Foreign than Korean;
We saw some other countries' flags besides the Korea flag along the road side;
We didn't find it interesting here in Itaewon except the buildings, so we headed back to Myeongdong;
Back to Myeongdong for dinner and last night shopping;
Not sure if because it's Saturday night, they had police patrol at Myeongdong area;
Back to our Skypark Hotel for a short break. The lobby of this hotel is not on the ground floor;
The night scene of Myeongdong;
After trying for 2 times (first time full house, second time not opened yet), we decided to give it a last try for The Frypan (the fried chicken and beer restaurant) at Myeongdong. This time we decided to wait for it to open in the evening;
Finally we got in;
I didn't know where my wife got her sources from to try the fried chicken at The Frypan, but after trying we preferred KFC, even the price is better. After dinner, we shop the night away at Myeongdong.

...Day 11 to be continued in next post.


Petchrat C said...

hi! I've been looking for Frypan in myeongdong for a long time but never able to find where it is? Where about is the location? Thanks!

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