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11 Days Korea Trip 2011 Free n Easy - Day 3, Jeju/Seoul

3 Dec 2011 (Sat)

Jeju / Seogwipo Submarine/Seoul/ Gimpo Airport/ Insadong

Mr.Won told us that it was very easy to take a bus from the bus terminal which was within walking distance from our Yeha Guesthouse to Seogwipo Bus terminal, where from there we can take a cab to the Seogwipo Submarine. If we were to take a cab from Yeha to the Seogwipo Submarine, it would cost us at least 30,000 won and the taxi driver might not know the place well too, so we decided to try taking a bus.

Since I had booked the submarine (via Yeha online) at 9.20am, we woke up early and had our breakfast at Yeha. The bus terminal was not too far away from the Yeha. We didn't realise that we walked past the terminal as there was no sign at eye level. We walked back again sensing it was not quite right, and asked a passer-by. He was pointing to the building just behind us and we didn't even know that it was the Jeju Bus Terminal. You can see that the roller shutter was down and it was like not opened at all. Only at a distance, then we saw the Jeju Bus Terminal sign on top;
We reached there pretty early and bought our tickets at the counter in the terminal. The lady told us to wait for the bus at pillar 6 and the bus 5.16. Here a little note I got from the internet on this bus :
"The bus from Jeju City to Seogwipo is called the 시외버스 (shiwae bus, or outside city bus). Be sure that the bus has the "5.16" number on it; this is the highway that uses the most direct route to go between the two cities, first by going towards Hallasan but a little bit east to avoid the slope, and then down all the way to the city. The other bus takes a more scenic route around the entire island before getting to Seogwipo."
Inside the bus;
Didn't know that T-money can be accepted. We paid 9,900 won for 3 (very much cheaper than taking a cab) to Seogwipo Bus Terminal;
The journey took us about 1 hour and 15 minutes as the bus stopped and picked up passengers on the way initially. The Seogwipo bus terminal was very small;
The only thing that greeted us was a few pots of such nice colorful flowers;
The surrounding near the Seogwipo bus terminal;
Waiting for a cab by the road side;
It was a short journey to the Submarine place, about 8 minutes ride and cost 3,300 won. We arrived at the Seogwipo Submarine Terminal;
As we were more than an hour early, we went to the counter to register and ask for an earlier ride instead of 9.20am;
Yes we got our tickets and going for an hour earlier ride;
Are we taking this white submarine;
As we were still early, we had our breakfast from the 2 stalls there. The round thingy doesn't taste good for us and we preferred the sandwiches from the other opposite stall.

After breakfast, we took a walk outside as there was still plenty of time;
I thought that we were taking this submarine later, but it's not;
The surrounding while waiting;
Does this resembles those houses in some of the Korean TV dramas;
Getting our boarding pass ready;
OK, I thought we are boarding the submarine now;
But no, we had to board this boat/ferry to the middle of the sea then transfer to the submarine;
I thought it was good to have a seat in the ferry;
But it was better to make a trip to the top of the ferry to enjoy the breeze and scenery;
But let me warned you, the ferry will be travelling at very high speed and the wave was strong too. It is best to hold on to the railing tight. The scenery was good;
I have no idea what all these for;
See the rainbow;
You will be able to see many many of these seagulls;
So we are boarding this white submarine finally;

Throughout, the staff took great care of us, letting us into the submarine first before others trying to squeeze their way in. It was quite narrow in the submarine and we took a seat rather near to the submarine's captain in front;
The staff was very kind to offer to take one family photo for us;
You can see the small monitor screen on top for action outside the submarine;
Some of the common fishes seen;
Yes, the diver went down to feed and show us the fishes surrounding him;
The front of the submarine;
There seems to have a 'bumper' in front of the submarine;
Is that a real sunken ship or a dummy one put down there;

When it's almost end of trip, the light outside was turn on;
Finally resurfaced from the submarine;
While waiting for our ferry to take us back, we had a photo with the diver that went out to feed the fishes;
Here comes the ferry that will take us back;
And that was the platform where we transfered from the submarine to the ferry, vice versa;
The view on the way back;
So did the submarine went under one of those islands;
The best part of the journey was to enjoy the seagulls following the ferry, and some very close by;
Enjoyed the seagulls flying towards you, so near that you could almost touch them;
Almost back soon;
End of boat ride;
The submarine ride is fantastic, and including the ferry ride to there. This is really highly recommended though the price is 118,000 won for 2 adults and 1 student. We booked through Yeha (you can do so even if you are not staying with them). 

The Saeyeon-gyo Bridge, which was completed in 2009, in the background;
Going up the bridge;
Towards the other side of the bridge;
Getting back on the bridge and took a view;
Went back to the terminal building to have a drink. Interesting bottle;
Asked the counter girl to help us call for a cab. Went outside to wait for the cab;
While waiting, we came across these interesting flowers or vegetables? Not only in Jeju, we can find them in Seoul too.
We spent too much time on the bridge and now we had to rush a bit.
On the way, we seen a number of tangerine farm. Now I know where tangerine were cheaper and more in Jeju;
We reached the Jeju Bus Terminal at 11.20am and our domestic flight back to Gimpo Airport depart at 1305. So we had to reach Jeju Airport by 12pm for check in and had our lunch there. So now is immediately rush back to Yeha to check out and luckily we already packed up last night.

Seoul / Gimpo Airport
We managed to ask for an earlier flight, so we were pretty a bit earlier;

We had our lunch at Gimpo Airport at a snack corner;
All these for 12,000 won including my ramen;
My ramen;
We took the Line 5 to Jongno 3 Ga Station where our hotel was;
I'm impressed by their metro or subway, which is so much wider and enough handrail for one to hold and without the centre pole so there won't be any pole dancer or pole leaner. Though eating and drinking is not an offence in their train, the train is clean and they don't need fine to deter them from littering. Also the display in English too, so it won't be much problem if one don't understand Korean language. This one even show you how far the train is away from the next station;
The journey was long, almost an hour more. We booked the Hotel Biz Jongro, where I think the location is rather central too. The price was attractive (not expensive) but it was not a great hotel like those 4 or 5 stars one, this one I think about 3 star. We paid S$371 for 4 nights for a triple room (1 double and 1 single bed) inclusive of simple breakfast.


Once we exit from the Exit 5 of the station, we were lost. It was Saturday afternoon and the place was crowded with stalls and people. We asked for direction and luckily 2 old man came over and help us. One of them even went thru the trouble to call up the hotel and asked for specific direction, and he brought us all the way there. So glad to find such kind hearted people here. Now wonder it was so difficult to find even armed with a map, the hotel was hidden from the front building;
Interesting bicycle outside the hotel;
It has a very small lobby (or not at all, just a check in counter) and now at least has a lift (last time no lift).
At least better than Yeha in Jeju, and the toilet paper can flushed into the toilet bowl. LCD TVand pc included though again no wardrobe;
We booked this hotel because it was located near to Insadong where we need to go and also book the tickets to Nami Island.

Streets outside the hotel;
The zebra crossing that we used daily when going out or back to the hotel. Notice the hotel signboard on top;
Along the way to Insadong;
We need to book tickets to the Nami Island, and had to look for the Nami Island ticketing office, along Insadong. It was quite difficult to find as it's not visible on the outside as it was inside this Korea Sovenir shop;
Once inside look for the lift, right in and left side;
You will have to take a lift to the office upstair;
You can find out more about Nami Island here. We booked 3 ferry tickets with one way shuttle bus ticket there as we do not wish to be tied down to the departure time there. Since our tickets were for Monday (2 days later), so it was quite easy and not fully booked yet.

After getting our tickets, we had a good work along Insadong and if you do not have a map of Insadong, you can go and get it free from the tourist booth located at the end of Insadong. Our next stop was Toto's Nostalgia Museum and Giftshop (토토의오래된물건). You will not notice this shop as it was located on the second floor and even armed with a map, it is not obvious; 
Entrance to the shop upstair;
We paid a total of 5,000 won as a small token of entrance fees to the shop. One is allowed to take photos inside the shop. Of course, I did buy some of these and that. But some of the things are not cheap, and you may wish to check out one or two of the shops downstair selling similar things, maybe at a cheaper price.
I think the shop closed at 7pm so we visited this shop before our dinner. Finally out of the shop and head straight for dinner. There were a number of restaurants in the backlane (or sidelane) near to the Toto shop;
Some looked expensive while some with no English menu;
We finally settled for this one as it was not crowded;
Inside the restaurant;
Our order;
I like a hot stew in cold weather;
Dinner cost us 20,000 won as we didn't order much to reserve our stomach for snack later. After dinner, we took a short walk to Ssamziegil (쌈지). It is a traditional culture and shopping complex and much promotion to tv can be seen about this complex. Frankly we didn't find anything much interesting about this place (shops and restaurants) and we didn't spent too much time here;
Oh, what's the long queue about? I thought I'll only see queue in our country...
Oh so they are queueing to buy the 'poo bun' or 'poo biscuit';
Taste good when it's fresh from the oven and hot;
Nicely graffiti wall;
Looking down from the top;

How my daughter enjoy the cold weather here by blowing hot air to see 'smoke';
Should have walk the Insadong Gil street first before going to the Ssamziegil, as there were many push cart stalls earlier. It was only about 6.45pm and the sky already turned dark and those push cart stalls seem to have left;
And it's extremely cold, should have got a better pair of gloves;
What is this Little India Cafe doing in the middle of Insadong Gil ;
You will see these 3 young guys selling snack in a shop along Insadong. Interesting to watch them jingle but the snack nothing fantastic I think;
When nightfalls in Korea, you will find many snack stalls like these that you will never find in Singapore;
Decided to get some snack from this lady;
Recognised this plastic chicken hanging there;
Some of the stalls were bigger and can even seat some diners inside. Regretted didn't try having a meal inside there;
The best part is they come in all shapes, sizes and colors. This one near our hotel, see the subway Exit 5 sign;

Dropped by a convenience store to get a drink;
The display tank at one of the seafood restaurant besides our hotel;


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