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11 Days Korea Trip 2011 Free n Easy - Day 7, Seoul

7 Dec 2011 (Wed)

Seoul / Myeongdong (명동)/Changsin-dong

We had breakfast in hotel and check out of hotel soon to head for Myeongdong, our last lap in our trip. Actually we planned to eat Hwanghu Samgyetang in Insadong before heading for Myeongdong but changed our mind after trying the Samgyetang before. So after breakfast, we went to the subway station.

We arrived at Myeongdong Station early. We exited from Exit 6 just besides Migliore shopping mall (on the right in photo);
We booked Skypark Hotel I (there are a number of Skypark Hotels) which was nearby to the Exit 6. We just turned left after came out of Exit 6, walked towards Nature Republic (cosmetic shop) and turned left to our hotel;
You can see Nature Republic on the left;
Here our Skypark Hotel. If you don't see properly, you may have missed it as it looks like a shop than a hotel from the front look;
Shops besides our hotel;
Leaving our hotel for our next itinerary;
Back to the Myeongdong Subway Station;
Really loved their subway as it was more spacious;


We changed our itinerary a bit and instead of going to the toy streen on Friday, 9th we went today on Wednesday 7th. We took the subway to Dongdaemun Station, Exit 4 or you can also take Line 1 or Line 6, Dongmyo Station, Exit 6. You can see the map as it is also known as Stationary and Toy Street - Changsin-don Toy Street (창신동 완구거리).
Out of Exit 4;
See the signboard, more shops were actually at the side lane;
Aquarium shops;
How deliveries are done;
I'm still wondering are they growing vegetables;
The bigger toy shop with upper floor;
Plenty of Angry Birds stuff;
At last settled for something;
Their public bus;
A typical fruit store;
It's time for our lunch;
Angry or Hungry;
A seafood restaurant;
A short peep over at Dongdaemun street;


Back to Myeongdong and we saw the Salvation Army once we exit from the subway station;
Opposite the Myeongdong subway exit 6 and Migliore is the UNIQLO store;
A little stage outside the Migliore;
The Migliore;
Shops on the upper 4th and 5th floor were under renovation, so some stores were shifted to the basement;
Though there were a few other shops in the basement selling SNSD stuffs, we bought ours from this shop on the right;
Once outside Migliore, the Myeongdong shopping streets are filled with famous department stores lke Lotte Department Store, Shinsegae Department Store, Noon Square and M Plaza. You can find brand name shops like Lacoste, Polo Ralph Lauren, Forever 21, Bulgari, Louis Vuitton, Etude House and Face Shop here too. Also plenty of restaurants, clothing and accessories stalls, to pojangmacha (Korean street food stalls);
You can see our Skypark Hotel 1 entrance was just besides the SPAO (a very big clothing store endorsed by SM Entertainment);
You may buy some of your clothings here instead of Uniqlo at Singapore, the price may be lower;
The best part of shopping here is we can go back to the hotel and put our barang barang down anytime;
We booked our room at SkyPark Hotel 1 via for about US$193 per night for 4 nights (1 King Size and 1 Single Bed), exclude breakfast;
The fully automated toilet bowl;
You can surf the net for free and make up by Etude cosmetics for free too. We found these on the same floor as our room and near the lift;
Going to SPAO;
On top of SPAO (go up by escalator), you reached EverySing, the store where you can buy those SM Entertainment singers like SNSD stuff;
I didn't know that we were not allow to take photos inside the store;
One elderly woman we saw at Myeongdong, still very agile and active at her age;
This is the shop that my wife spent most of her money and time in Myeongdong;
On the busy street of Myeongdong;
Look what's hanging up there;
Besides branded shops, we can also find food stalls like this;
What's Garfield doing here;
When the sun started to set, the push carts stall came out;
I wondered why this man brought his pet rabbit to Myeongdong;
Time for dinner;
My wife and I rather regretted chosing this place for dinner. Rather expensive and don't really suit our taste and also smoking was allowed here which we didn't like;
Fish stew, pizza, beer and drinks cost us 37,500 won for dinner;
The sky already turned dark after dinner and it was only about 5;
There is always something interesting going on in Myeongdong street;
I love this shot;
Going opposite using the underpass;
I knew that that's all for today but why were this 2 ladis smiling? Wah, look at their loots;

...Day 8 to be continued in next post.


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